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*whispers* catpuccino


this makes me extremely happy

I seriously need these on eight different shirts.

I’ll have a … venti … extra milk … no fur … on ice.

(Source: exornali)


For his project “Dutch Landscapes,” the artist Mishka Henner took screen shots on Google Earth of sites that the Dutch government had stylistically censored for security reasons. Take a look:

Top: St Haagsche Schoolvereeniging, Den Haag.
Middle: Prins Maurits Army Barracks, Ede, Gelderland.
Bottom: Staphorst Ammunition Depot, Staphorst.

All images courtesy of Mishka Henner.


Sweet heavens. 

-Sean, sideshow

My recreational use of social media and Internet have pushed off to the side during recent months, as my daily existence is increasingly filled with 140-character super-haikus and social algorithms. But then, there’s this.


The words “insects” and “beautiful” are seldom used in the same sentence, but when viewed under an electron microscope, intricate patterns and complex shapes emerge on your average creepy crawler.

When he worked for a research lab several years back, David M. Phillips would come into work early and capture these remarkable images of insects with the in-house electron microscope.

The Surprising Beauty of Insects Under an Electron Microscope

via Slate

The 15-Minute Daily Habit That Will Change Your Career

It’s a good idea to share the things that you are thinking about. So, here you go. #lazywebs


Don’t Travel, Relocate by Drew Roberts

First half was shot in studio, using cut-outs from old travel magazines. Second half was shot in a park in Prague, Czech Republic. 

I’ve done this a couple of times. The travel part, not the video.


Piccadilly Circus photographed by David Boyer (1953).


Piccadilly Circus photographed by David Boyer (1953).


French artist and photographer JR has been traveling the globe capturing portraits in his very own “Photobooth Truck.” 

Recently, JR teamed up with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux in France to transform the Pantheon into an exhibition for the portraits.

Photographer Transforms the Pantheon Into Exhibition Space

via Design Taxi

The city has relied for most of its youthful existence on movies and television to do the job of representing it. Yet Hollywood’s ability to disseminate images and impressions of Los Angeles around the globe more readily than, say, the architectural community of Southern California is in no way tantamount to saying that Hollywood depicts Los Angeles accurately.

Gabriel Kahane on learning to look at L.A.: (via newyorker)

»An aside: I love watching New York and Los Angeles residents verbally cannibalize each other, wagging the Tail of Two Cities …


by Jet Visuals

Seems like it’d be fun to fly.


by Jet Visuals

Seems like it’d be fun to fly.